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Dongsha Tour (June 6th-8th, 2017) Instructions to SCSSC

Dongsha Tour (June 6th-8th, 2017)
Instructions to SCSSC

  • Please check out hotel, and leave your excessive luggage at the hotel counter, before the bus time at 7:10 for Holiday Garden Hotel, and 7:30 for Howard Plaza Hotel. All luggage is carry-on in the military flight, since we arrive late.
  • Remember to have your passport/ID with you.
  • All passengers are confirmed, Dongsha weather is not.
  • We will divide into two groups, the 3-hour and the 3-day groups. Too late to change group due to flight reservation.
  • DARS prepares: hat, earplugs (for military C-130), Dongsha map, bikes. You may need personal items: large towels (scuba and snorkel), slippers (3-day group).
  • Diane will look for you in the conference for the Mac Number of your computer or cell phone (but not both) to apply for an IP address for government WIFI connection. No down/up load of videos on the island please, due to very limited band width of satellite transmission on Dongsha.
  • Let us (Diane) know if you are vegetarians or have special diet requirement.
  • The participants of the tour are insured, 3 million for the military flight, 2 million for other activities, 20 K for medical, all in NT$, each person, following government rules. Feel free to buy more protection that fits your need. The medical on the island, if needed, is free.
  • This may be an opportunity of a life time, enjoy.