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Posters (MA1005 outside)


No. Posters (only first author isted) Discipline Title
1 Chi-Hao Chiu
Atm S Evaluation of Retrieved Cloud Microphysical Properties between Himawari-8/AHI and Aqua/MODIS Observations
2 Chih-Chiang Hsieh
Atm S The impact of typhoons on aerosol metal deposition in the northern South China Sea
3 Chi-June Jung
Atm S Meteorological Applications of Unmanned Aircraft Sounding System
4 Ching-Hsuan Wu
Atm S Seasonality of TC Track in the South China Sea and associated ISO Modulation
5 Ching-Shu Hung 洪竟書 Atm S The Evolution of the Boreal Summer Intraseasonal Oscillations
6 Chung-Shin Yuan
Atm S Seasonal Variation of Background PM2.5 and Atmospheric Speciated Mercury at Dongsha Atoll in South China Sea
7 Hien Xuan Bui Atm S Increased Precipitation under Global Warming in the High Resolution Atmospheric Model (HiRAM)
8 Horng-Syi Shen
Atm S Westward Typhoons WRF Model Simulation Study in South China Sea
9 Horng-Syi Shen
Atm S The case study of meso-α system with heavy rainfall in southern Taiwan and northern part of South China Sea, September 6, 2016
10 Hsiao-Wei Liu 劉曉薇 Atm S Changes of Precipitation Efficiency under Global Warming
11 Shi-Pei Hsu 徐世裴 Atm S Tropical Intraseasonal Weather Analysis in December 2016
12 Wan-chen Tu 杜宛臻 Atm S Aerosol Iron fluxes in the northern South China Sea
13 Yi-Xian Li
Atm S Why Rare TC Genesis in the First Half Year after Super El Nino Events?
14 Yuen-Yi Ng
Atm S Variability of seasonal and diurnal cycle of rainfall over Malaysia Peninsular
15 Arthur R James Bio Comparing antibiotic resistant pathogenes between natural (Dongsha Atoll) and polluted coast lines in Kaohsiung
16 Charli Deepak Arulanandam Bio TBA
17 Cheng-Hao Tang
Bio Tributyltin Toxicity in Reef-building Coral (Acropora spp.) Assessed by Molecular Responses of Antioxidant Enzymes and Oogenesis Related Genes
18 Zhiling Huang
Bio 東沙環礁海域管水母與水螅水母群聚之時空分布及其與水文環境相關性研究
19 Guey-Shin Chang
Bio Comparison of phytoplankton assemblages in Dongsha Island lagoon during flood and ebb tides
20 Hei Nin kwong
Bio The comparison on reproduction and growth of the giant clams of Tridacna noae and Tridacna maxima in Taiwan
21 Hsu-Sen Chen
Bio Effects of rising seawater temperature on the benthic shrimp assemblages in the coastal waters off Gaoping River, northern South China Sea
22 Yi-Ning Ho 何翊寧 Bio Larval fish assemblages in Dongsha atoll
23 Hsieng-chun Sun 孫祥鈞 Bio DNA barcoding of fishes in Dongsha
24 Kuo-Shu Chen
Bio Diversity and community structure of demersal fish assemblages in waters off Jiading and Chigu (Southwestern Taiwan) over the last decade
25 Liu You-Chen
Bio A research on fish community of Dongsha Atoll by NGS (Next Generation Sequencing)
27 Piero Franco Bio Zooplankton from Dongsha Atoll - Appendicularia and Thaliacea
28 Ya-Wen Hsu Bio Goals revisited - Marine National Parks in Taiwan
29 Yi Wei 魏儀 Bio How patch reefs are formed in the Lagoon of Dongsha Atoll ?
31 Yi-Huang Chen 陳宜皇 Bio Contribution of Octocoral to Dongsha Atoll
33 Hui-chuan Chu
Env The diurnal variation of carbon dynamics in seagrass meadows of the Dongsha Atoll
34 Tkachenko KS Env Dongsha Atoll: A Potential Thermal Refuge for Reef-building Corals in the SCS.
35 Ting-Hsuen Huang
Env Riverine carbon fluxes to the South China Sea
36 Yalan Chou 周雅嵐 Env How far the seagrass bed could influence the pH in a lagoon?
37 Chao-Shing Lee
Env Thn tectonics and resource relationship between Shi-Sha (Paracel) and Nan-Sha(Spratly), South China Sea.
38-49 12 additional research posters of Marine National Park in Chinese