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South China Sea Science Conference 2017

To understand the natural phenomena, processes and mechanisms involving South China Sea; to promote collaborative studies of South China Sea; to exchange up-to-date knowledge and technology in marine sciences and to facilitate cross-discipline cooperation.

June 3-8, 2017
2017-04-20 List of abstracts that have been uploaded
2017-05-09 Update The Program
2017-05-26 Please prepare your own cup,as much as possible.
2017-05-26 Download campus parking here.
2017-06-01 SCSSC 2017 GET AROUND IN KAOHSIUNG Reminder to international arrivals
2017-06-03 Dongsha Tour (June 6th-8th, 2017) Instructions to SCSSC
2017-06-03 South China Sea Science Conference 2017 Shuttle bus Timetable